Buon Giorno!

My name is Vincenzo and I am the founder of Mangiafino.

Nowadays, more and more family businesses are disappearing and with them the traditional way of making handmade, unique specialties. Supermarkets and stores are full of industrially produced food, making it increasingly difficult for small producers to keep up with the big food industries.

I am convinced that the love and passion involved in harvesting and preparation play a big part in the taste experience. For this reason, we only select the finest specialties produced by small producers for our exclusive Mangiafino range.

With Mangiafino, we not only want to support small, family-run businesses, but also bring the inimitable taste experience to your home.

Mangiafino Stories

What could be better than enthusiastic customers?


Taste delicious specialties from Mangiafino, look forward to interesting conversations and meet Vincenzo.

Corporate Get Together

Street Food Festival

Wine Tasting

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